KEYBOARDMANIA Original Soundtracks
定価 \2,243 (税抜 \2,136)
発売元●株式会社コナミ ミュージックエンタテインメント
01. BURNIN'----- B3-HARD----- Bunmei,Ryo
02. THE 24TH D----- Goa Trance----- SPARKER
03. My Love----- Love Ballad----- Q-Mex&CHELSEA
04. Confusion----- Mixed Beat----- Thomas
05. All the love----- R&B----- Lala Moore
06. Shining Dream----- Stylish----- MAGIC Project
07. Fairy Tale----- Dream----- Q-Mex
08. Let's go back home (for Christmas)----- Sweetly----- Larry Caorin
09. Shake!----- 50's----- Bunmei
10. MR.C.C.----- DETUNE----- N.R.B.
11. CRISIS OF LOVE----- Hi Energy----- T.R.S.R feat. MIHO-F
12. Brain child----- Retro Techno----- Logic System
13. Armajiro----- Progressive----- Bunmei
14. Dicky's Theme----- Trenchcoat Jazz----- Naya~n Big Band
15. Pf Concerto No.2----- Maestro----- Prokochsky
16. kimi ni ai ni yukou----- Hip Pop----- Pictures Of Lily
17. Shiritori----- Straight----- Fantastic factory
18. Keyboard Man----- A.O.R'N'BASS----- simon
19. Mighty Guy----- Maximum----- CHIHOMI
20. Henry Henry----- Cathedral----- Bunmei
21. Morning Music----- K-Classic----- Bubble System
22. Mighty Guy----- Long-version----- CHIHOMI
23. Henry Henry----- Long-version----- SUZY CREAM CHEESE
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