SYNTHESIZED / Sota Fujimori

定価 \3,150 (税込)
02. Kind Lady -2008 Extended Mix-
03. I Need You -Nu Platinum Mix-
04. Saturday Night Love -Phunk Disco Mix-
05. together 4 ever -Album Edit-
06. Look To The Sky -Cyber True Color Extended-
07. Back Into The Light -Feelings Won't Fade Vocal Mix-
08. Star Gate Heaven -Album New Mix-
09. The Hope Of Tomorrow -Extended Mix-
10. Cyber Force -Extended Mix-
11. minimal synthesizer
12. Electrified -Album Extended-
13. i-revolution -Album New Mix-
14. ANDROMEDA II -Extended Mix-
15. State Of The Art -Album Extended-
16. Fly Above -Album Extended-

DISC2 beatnation Records presents REMIXes SIDE
01. Do It Right -ElecNekoTronika mix- Remixed by 猫叉Master
02. together 4 ever -NORTHERN TRANHOUSE MIX- Remixed by TOMOSUKE
03. with you -X-Sota Mix- Remixed by good-cool
04. Back Into The Light -Special ThanXXX RMX- Remixed by dj TAKA
05. Rise'n Beauty -ELECTRO MIX- Remixed by SLAKE
06. Just a Little Smile -DAJI MIX- Remixed by DAJI
07. Look To The Sky -SADA's J-Trance Vocal Mix- Remixed by SADA
08. Cyber Force -DJ Yoshitaka Remix- Remixed by DJ Yoshitaka
09. Neo Contra -Extra Bold Mix- Remixed by Shoichiro Hirata
10. PSYCHE PLANET-GT Remixed by L.E.D.
11. Spring Comes Around -In Like a Lion- Remixed by wac
12. Battle Train -HOT SOTA MIX- Remixed by AKIRA YAMAOKA
13. The Hope Of Tomorrow -Ryu☆Remix- Remixed by Ryu☆
14. Run To You -kors k mix- Remixed by kors k
15. Rising Sun -100% Jupiter Eight Mix- Remixed by AIKO
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